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Monday, July 25, 2016

Stirring the Pot

Ha, ha!  Good on them.

The way it ought to be.

Sanders chose his own irrelevancy.  That's what politicians do.

Right now the delegates are chanting his name ironically, and he doesn't get that either.

A couple of months ago CD suggested Sanders might be senile because the "radical" wouldn't quit before all the delegates declared.  Well, if he wasn't senile then he is now.

Bernie, people are fucking with you because you deserve to be fucked with.  It's what happens, man. Ha, ha!

And before anybody shits on my parade, understand I don't have a horse in the front row.  It wouldn't bother me one iota if Trump became 45.

He and Pence are a couple of tools, but the world is full of them. Blow the fashion show/convention to smithereens!


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