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Monday, July 18, 2016


We’re all gonna need to put on Hazmat suits before watching Trump and Clinton debate. Otherwise the Zika virus of Clinton’s hypocrisy and/or Trump’s severe case of moral Ebola will drip right through the screen and infect us all. Please take precautions, everyone. A Safe America Begins With You! In the long run, the only way to really stay safe is simply not to indulge.--JE

No doubt it will be cringe-worthy.  FWIW, she'll mop the floor with him.  Doesn't mean she'll have anything pertinent to say, just that he will be as bad as he ever was.

Fortunately for a guy who could give a rat's ass about either one of these candidates, American football programming will take priority in my brain this Fall--a justifiable escape into the the lesser-of-two evils programming options.

I'd rather watch pigskins flying than lying pigs.


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