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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

And They Call it "Unity"

An enormous cheer erupted from the crowd at Sanders' endorsement, but not everyone in the audience was pleased: one reporter tweeted that around "30-40 Sanders supporters just walked out on Bernie endorsing Hillary in a single line in front of the press."--CD

I would have led the walkout had I been there.

Others applauded the endorsement. The grassroots group Progressive Change Campaign Committee released a statement arguing that "Bernie Sanders' endorsement is the latest proof that the Democratic Party is increasingly unified around big, bold, progressive ideas—and that is good for Democrats in November."-CD

"Unified around big, bold, progressive ideas?"  Show me one amidst the smokescreen and down-on-their-knees grovelling.

Sanders, a man of his word, said he'd do this when he started, unfortunately. It came down to trying to win a few points at the platform committee meetings--a non-binding dreamworld that the neoconservatives backing Clinton's warmongering must be laughing at with all the glee of children in a toy store.

Just as Clinton is the wrong woman to lead an uprising of gender-focused political idealism and true progressiveness, Sanders was the wrong candidate to ever utter the words "political revolution."

But you already knew that.


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