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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Radio Daze?

The Oregon countdown clock in my sidebar doesn't confront the story of my approaching dilemma.

The college games started yesterday with the FCS Montana vs. North Dakota State kickoff. I watched the end of that in a local watering hole, and man was it good.  Montana drove with a minute left for the winning score in front of a madhouse home crowd, and it reminded me of why I like this game so much.

But here's the ordeal.  FBS ball starts Thursday and the weekend is chock-full-O games I want to see before Oregon plays Saturday night against Eastern Washington. Now my usual streaming site, which has treated me well for the past five seasons, has a hella ad (a virus literally) attached to it that is unbeatable. If it pops up, you're unable to click it off like the other ads that cluster on the site like landmines in a war zone.

They're manageable.  This one is not.  I've had to shut down my computer the three times I've tried to trick it.

This one just destroys the fun and renders the site unusable.

(I'd kill the fuckers responsible for this if I could get my hands on them.  I'm serious.  They deserve to die.  By strangulation.)

So far it has infected the few NFL games I've tried to watch (namely the Titans and Mariota) and I've been forced to Tunein radio.

I'm not a radio guy, spoiled like I have been by television.

I'll give it a shot when the FBS schedule opens, shut down if I have to, figure something out.

But what a drag.  I'm a little concerned I may not get my FBS fix. And I don't have the budget to be a sports bar regular these days like I have in the past.

Might have to learn to love the radio again.  Ugh...


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