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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Depth Charges

(GoDucks.com photo)

Oregon's idiot bandwagon fans and uninformed loudmouths are already bitching about the coaching decisions that have left their favorite players off the "two-deep" lineup for Saturday's game against Eastern Washington.

The only seeming consensus is that, based on his career in FCS football and Jeff Lockie's inexperience, all Oregon fans seem to think the choice of Vernon Adams as the starting QB is a good thing.

Oh, and everybody is convinced Royce Freeman is the "real deal." Heh...

That one wasn't too tough.


The two-deep roster, no matter your team, is essentially the coaches' determination of which 44 players can best help the team win a game on any given Saturday.  It is not chiseled in stone.  Year-long, it is always a fluid thing dependent on the health and performance of each member of the team. It is highly mutable, under flux, and beyond any set notions of the "way things ought to be" as voiced by halfwits.

We're a week out from the start of the Oregon season, and the stupidity of Oregon's loudest, most obnoxious fan base is already getting on my nerves.

What's new?

How will I survive the season, especially if the Ducks happen to lose a game that the "experts" on the fan sites I read deem "unacceptable" and begin to spew negativity about the coaches and team?

I suppose I shouldn't indulge myself.  I'll watch the games and try to tune out the hype, pro and con.


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