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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Rah Rah

One could contend that just a tad bit of disrespect was shown toward Helfrich and his program after a 4-8 season that included some blowouts but also close losses to Nebraska, Colorado, California and Oregon State.

Mullens needed 72 hours after the Civil War loss to think about Helfrich's future, while the coach and assistants recruited for the Ducks? Wrong.

The UO sports information department needed to post a Helfrich firing story replete with details of the coach's downfall? Wrong.

And, in my humble opinion, the most egregious disrespect happened at Taggart's news conference when Michael Schill, a law professor and university president, said he had one piece of advice for the new coach, based on his limited knowledge of football: "Go find a great defensive coordinator."

Brady Hoke, the outgoing defensive coordinator, didn't deserve such a public slap in the face. UO's defensive woes happened because of youth, suspect recruiting and development, and player transgressions, and not just from schemes and play calls. It was just the wrong thing for the school president to say. Lacked class.--JV

Good story by Ducks' beat writer Jason Vondersmith of the Portland Tribune.  He nails it when he says the UO brass showed disrespect and a lack of class throughout the firing (Helfrich) and hiring (Taggart) process.

I would add they showed a level of confusion that shouldn't have been there.

With what Oregon has coming back, Taggart will be an immediate villain in the opinion of Oregon's savage fans if he doesn't go at least .500 next year.  Even that might not be enough to stymie the grumbling of the most idiotic.


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