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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Entertain Me

I almost signed on for basic cable with a pretty good offer from Comcast, but figured without ESPN it wouldn't make a lot of sense for me.

Maybe later, if I ever catch up after paying for my summer visit to family in Minnesota!

I understand some pretty decent series run on network TV these days, but would I watch them?  Don't think I'm disciplined enough.  Nor enough of a TV fan in general...I caught "American Crime" as a delayed ABC stream, loved it, but eventually lost track and interest.

I've had Netflix in the past, probably better for me.  I've yet to see season two of "Narcos." Loved season one.  I guess I'm a binge watcher.  That is how I finally partook of "Breaking Bad."  Probably wouldn't have had the patience to watch it as an original series, would have missed segments and had to look it up later on disc or Netflix anyway.

Home Shopping Network?  Ha ha.  Network "news" programs?  Ha ha ha ha. Forty channels and nothing on TV...

Streaming at the pirate sports site I use probably good enough for my bowl season.  I've been watching a little college basketball that way lately.

Works, if not pleasantly, with a little effort battling the ads and one particularly nasty outfit that pretends to be Microsoft, offering to help you clear the virus that is about to destory your computer, rob your bank account, and steal your credit card numbers.  I called them last night when the scammers shut me down.  Guy said, "Hello, Microsoft."  I said, "Let me talk to your supervisor."

He hung up on me.  Can you believe how rude the world is these days?

More laughter ensued.


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