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The wet-dream of the Repubs is no policing of the economy, no regulations whats-so-ever. Basically a black-market where they are free to exploit people, the environment, sell opium whatever.--Charles Lucas

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Limited Identity

It seems that many Democrats are determined not to change, not to learn any lessons from the 2016 election.  Instead of trying to figure out what went wrong, they are clinging to denial and self-righteousness.  During the election, “I’m With Her” was used to silence internal opposition.  Gung-ho Democrats dismissed the idea that liberals could have legitimate qualms about full throated support for Hillary because of her war-mongering, close relationship with Wall Street, and only passing concern for the economic struggles of large segments of the population.--ER

This is a righteous essay.

Also it is indicative of why many leftists argue that the Democratic Party is irredeemable.  So many of the party's apparatchiks are tied up in the DP status quo that they'd be committing economic suicide by changing directions.

Look at something as obvious as the way liberals fight poverty. Millions of jobs literally depend on the existence of poverty, just like millions of other jobs depend on perpetual war.  Poverty in other words is institutionalized, right alongside banking, the university system and the military.

Mainstream politics is a fight between those who want to control or profit off the poor and those who would rather ignore them. Poverty assures a pool of soldiers will be there to control the poor who are not militarized--a perfect storm that has terrorized our perceived/manufactured enemies globally for years, and which has come home to roost.

In the name of fighting "terror" we are fighting us.

This is the definition of a quandary, divide and conquer is a capitalistic emoticon. Stress the con.

Unable to confront the harmful effects of our class structure in realistic or meaningful terms--Hillary and her minions' biggest failing--Democrats have nothing to offer but cultural swagger. Dems generally make better movies, write better books, give better lectures, even dance better than Repubs.

They don't mind outcasts, as long as outcasts abide by their rules. Diversity and  multiculturalism are okay, unless they involve a conflict with "national interests," code for the potential obstruction of globalization.

Their wars are now humanitarian.  Their exceptionalism is exceptionally real--to them. The drones hum along; few notice or care, unless profit is the quest.

What they cannot do with either conviction or clarity, even if they wanted to, is alter the class structure and the necessity of economic exploitation, the engine of capitalism.  That would be anathema to their own interests.

So lately Dems talk the game of equality, but they can't play it--here or abroad. That makes them the hypocrites in the equation.

This is why I detest where we are.  This is why I'm bored by it and maintain it must all come down.


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