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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Moyers Strikes Out

More liberal nonsense.

HRC herself never believed or advocated for half the policies on this wish list. That was to a large degree her problem!

Has she changed her mind about anything? Fuck no, she's still crying, incapable of anything except mourning her miserable campaign while remaining unwilling to admit her inability to tell the truth or confront reality.

What a fantasy world comfortable liberals live in!

The only way the U.S. will be able to deal with its present rise of neofascism is, I dread thinking, through the power of the bullet and hand-to-hand combat in the streets.

A martial crackdown and slaughter of historically immense proportions--a genocide--would surely follow given the absolute power the militarists, inclusive of Trump and the right and neoliberals like HRC and Congress (a fascist cabal), are prepared to use to protect American imperialism and the homegrown colonization of our citizens as reflected through the burgeoning police state.

That said, Moyers isn't about to retire or back off.  Good on him. He's had plenty to offer in his mid and late-years--but this is just silly, even as a joke or satire.

He'll collapse at his computer before quitting-time.

So will I most likely, fighting off this kind of crap.


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