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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Let it Snow (Probably Won't)

Forecast says snow tomorrow afternoon and evening.

One report said 6 to 8 inches possible.

Another said perhaps 2 inches max.

My feeling is if it's going to snow let it snow.

The biggest Oregon snowstorm in my memory occurred in 1969.  I was a senior in high school. Had at least 4 ft., and I loved it. I looked forward to Maine's snow a few years later as I prepared to move to the east coast.

I wasn't disappointed. It's beautiful there in a deep snowfall.  You're a nobody if you don't have a plow fixed to front of your rig.

My daughter lives near the Canadian border in Minnesota.  They've got plenty of snow this year and a temp of -1 degrees.

Older now, not sure I could handle that for long stretches.  Suited me fine as a young person.


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