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An empty shell as president, a torturer running the secret government, Education run by a privileged amateur, and the EPA pivoted to environmental destruction for pay, I’d say America is actually sporting a government that is representative of the American government.--Upthepeople/CommonDreams

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

After Midnight/Goddamn You, America

I am $7.79 richer today
an automatic deposit appeared
unexpectedly in my account

Goddamn you, America
you are a tough sonofabitch
a drag for most of us

As a writer I could give a fuck
about the popular culture
and Tom Brady's politics

Radicalism is my forte
an oyster free from the saline
of packaged and frozen dinners

I have $7.79 that is on you my
inert and disinterested America
Goddamn you and the GOP

All the money in the world
boils down to two books I sold
in the summer when a reading

Frenzy must of taken hold and
my words cast a spell of absolution
on the entire universe Amen

I needed something that $7.79
could buy like a new brain and
a real estate license and meatloaf

Goddamn you, America I never
considered working for the state
or one of your contractors etc.

I worked for 50 years on poetry
and here I am with $7.79 in
the bank thank you Amazon

Goddamn you, America $7.79
isn't a lot of money but
what the hell I'll take it


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