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Monday, September 7, 2015

Angry Entitled Mama

This from the message board at DuckTerritory:

Quackmama said... (original post)

Been a life long die hard Duck fan. And the talent we have now compared to what we used to have, should play a helluva lot better. They don't have the discipline, desire and attitude that they need. And yes, that pisses me off. If a player has the talent, then find a way to get it out of him. Don't know if this team doesn't have the heart or just didn't give a damn last night, but I do. As a DAF member who pays a shit ton to watch them, I want to see some damn desire and emotion out there. Not some half hearted, run through the motions, attempts by our defense. They should play a lot better and they themselves know it.

A sensible retort by Bowerz...

Well aren't you the self-entitled Duck fan we all know and love. You pay money to the DAF and now you want answers! Right? I mean...how dare they not come out of the gate fast enough after a national championship appearance!

Some of the comments on here after the first game are just laughable. Get over yourselves.

Ha, ha, ha...Clearly Mama has more money than sense, a not uncommon reality among Oregon's "elite" fans.

Those elites are in mid-season form, even if the team isn't.


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