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There comes a time in every epoch when pragmatism simply evolves into extreme acquiescence and surrender to the forces of apathy and do-nothingness, a guarantor of the status quo in all of its easy, democratic criminality--its fortress of greed. You could line up all the pols in the U.S. in a straight row and examine them head to toe and not find a single man or woman capable of admitting, never mind ending, the corruption of their vocation--Buddy Dooley

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Eight Days a Week

For all of my football-loving readers out there (and you are many, I know), here is a cool site that replays the weekend's best games over the course of the season.

I'm working on the Alabama/Ole Miss game that I eschewed live for something insignificant, I'm sure, in the Pac-12 on Saturday.

I've reviewed parts of the Oregon/MSU game, and Vernon Adams Jr. still didn't complete that wide-open throw that might have given the Ducks a victory! Blame it on The Finger.

Hi-def, commercial free, full or condensed games, NoonKick beats my FirstRowSports site mightily, but alas a day late.

I laugh.  Later in the college season games will broadcast live on Tuesdays and Wednesdays as the mid-majors vie for the ESPN television money.  Then you essentially get football seven evenings a week if you want to count the NFL as a viewing option, which I have done recently.

Perfect for a bored, escapist old guy with "plights and gripes as bad as Achilles"* who can't concentrate on much else.


*Thanks to John Berryman

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