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Friday, September 4, 2015

Bad Beavs

Halftime in Corn Valley and OSU is whupping the mighty Wildcats of Weber State of the Big Sky Conference 6-0.

The Beavs have a reasonably good defense, but it's hard to scope it thoroughly against their equally inept FCS opponent tonight.

The Beavs' offense is abysmal, with 33 yards passing.  I've always liked Mike Riley, but he got out of Corvallis in the nick of time, leaving a hot mess for new coach Gary Andersen--who quit Wisconsin for this?

Andersen is a right-winger from Utah who doesn't strike me as being very bright.

Somebody at OSU thought it would be a good idea to paint the Beavs' logo with an obnoxious U.S. flag motif as well.

That person can't be very bright either and should be fired, and OSU should leave the Pac-12 tomorrow.  They're awful.


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