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Thursday, March 6, 2014

from "Talent"

Photo by RP Thomas

The Wag, Ted

The wag, the same one you've heard about,
the best  and worst customer in Tex’s Tavern,
once said: “The best thing about Talent is that
it takes none to live here.  The land is enough,
the Rogue is rough and the freeway, should you feel
the need to go somewhere, is right over there.”

The wag was tight and nodded in the wrong direction.
But he went on anyway:  “The fields are green, though 
often brown, and the sheep are easy and fearless; the 
beer is warm and cheap at Tex’s Tavern, and Lizzie 
DeLay is reckless; but at bottom, wink, wink, a doll.”
The wag’s droll friend Rex Dern said, “Ted, it may be

Time to go.”  Lizzie, better at directions than the wag 
Ted, lifted her head and then a brow; toward the door
her red eyes did roll.  “Poor Ted, he’ll soon be dead,”
Tex announced one day as he counted his money.
“He’s bleeding me dry, and though he may look spry,
the booze will soon kill him—and if it doesn't, I will.”


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