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Friday, February 14, 2014

Name Change

I got to thinking.  This is obviously a blog, so why am I calling it Round Bend Press Blog?

I've determined a more appropriate name is in order.

So here it is:  Round Bend Press Detritus.  From now on, do not refer to this as a blog.  It is, finally and certainly, detritus.

What I like most in this name, beyond its descriptive power, is the rough rhyme in press/detritus, with the o-u metronomic in "round" heightened, which is just the poet in me being very, very clever.  No big deal.  I'm used to it, as painful as it often is.

Oh, and that it better separates what I do from what the esteemed authors who publish under RBP's banner do, which if you went here and purchased their stuff you would know--not to wreck your malaise.

And finally, through a purely aesthetic accident, you can now read the name on the masthead without squinting or wondering what the hell it says.


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