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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Fight for Crumbs

Whose teat?

For the life of me I don't understand why people put up with this, except that there isn't much we can do given the deep corruption of  the political class and its affiliation with corporate malfeasance.

At a fundamental level, these breaks serve to enhance opulence for the few at the expense of the many--a nostalgic reminder of history.

The argument that corporate welfare is necessary to stave off the collapse of capitalism is a canard, as is the notion that money "invested" in corporate tax breaks magically reappears in the form of an expanded workforce capable of bearing the brunt of the costs of creating and maintaining a fully operable infrastructure.

The opposite is true.  The fat cats take the money and run.  Crumbs are left for the rest of us to quibble over.

Where are the good jobs promised in return for these gifts?

Whose math is this that has made everyone but the actual offenders culpable for massive debt?  Their own, of course.

Here's what should happen: the greedy should be forced to live with less.  Their entitlements need to stop now.

We need a new plan.


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