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An empty shell as president, a torturer running the secret government, Education run by a privileged amateur, and the EPA pivoted to environmental destruction for pay, I’d say America is actually sporting a government that is representative of the American government.--Upthepeople/CommonDreams

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Heat Wave

The unsurprising results of some recent important behavioral research.

I always suspected this might be true.

But with knowledge comes opportunity.  I plan to make adjustments to rectify the obvious.

In other news, my local grocer's refrigeration system collapsed under our heat wave last night, and this morning I was unable to buy milk. The store's entire stock had to be tossed, and so...

... so I ate eggs rather than my preferred bowl of cereal this morning.

Damn interesting, right?

(Oops...there I go again.)


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