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Friday, June 21, 2013

Game Day

OSU has a second crack at MSU today at noon after two "elimination" wins in Omaha this week, including a bashing of Louisville and a pitching-duel victory over Indiana.

Taking the long road back, they'll have to beat the Miss. school twice to stay alive.  Win today, and OSU plays 'em again tomorrow.

In the opening game of the series versus MSU Saturday the Beavs lost 5-4, just missing a game-winning homer in the ninth when a long drive was knocked down by the wind.

The dimensions of the Omaha ballpark are absurdly expansive.  To date, no one has hit one out in dead-center, for instance.

It's a pitchers' ballpark for sure, and OSU has the pitching, so who knows?

Update:  Not going well in Omaha for the Beavs.  Starter Andrew Moore knocked out after 4 2/3 innings and giving up four runs and five straight hits, including a homer.

Not over 'til it's over, but the fat lady is warming up.  Four-zip, MSU.

Done:  4-1 MSU.


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