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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Baseball Fantasy

Brent Wojahn of The Oregonian took this photo Monday night at the home opener of the Hillsboro Hops baseball club.

I'm fascinated by this photo, which doesn't even look like a photo.  It looks like a painting, with a rainbow conveniently added to evoke some sort of fantasyland, or perhaps a dream of a baseball-like experience.

The lone vendor looks like he was drawn and painted in as an accessory as well; a concession to Norman Rockwell's vision of Americana, perhaps?

The grandstand in the background looks like an artist's rendering of what a grandstand would look like in a new park.  Same with the figures on the diamond and in the dugout.

The photog did something special in creating this shot, though I'm not sure what it was.  All I can tell you is it is amazing, like magic.


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