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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I went over to the Wednesday Farmers' Market in the Park Blocks this morning and picked out a couple of nice artichokes for dinner this evening.

I selected larger flowers this time because the little ones haven't the fleshy quality that I prefer in the choke, and of course the bigger the choke the bigger its heart, which is where the true essence of the food is stored.

Here's a basic no-brainer recipe that I've been following ever since I discovered and learned how to cook artichokes.  Like the intro says, cutting the bristly tips from the petals isn't necessary unless you're trying to beautify the choke for your dinner guests or your own sense of aesthetics.

I don't have guests often, and I lack the patience to cut the leaves, so I skip that step and get after it.

One word of warning.  You can overcook the choke, which softens it too much, especially its heart.  Since that is the best part, don't overcook the thing.  A tender but firm heart is best.

Test its tenderness by sticking a sharp knife through the choke as one does to test a baked potato.

Make or buy your favorite dipping sauce and dig in.  I like garlic butter with lemon and mayo, which is sick, I know.  But soooooooo good.


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