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Thursday, March 16, 2017


Watching the Madness, I long for the days when America was great, i.e., when the NCAA wasn't so damn greedy as it is now.

It was just several years back when the organization offered a full-viewing package of the NCAA Tournament for a few bucks and fans could stream any of the games in progress.

Now CBS and Turner have taken over and the entire show has made a bad turn off the road to the final four.

CBS still streams its games, but Turner wants the money, leveraging the games with all of the cable providers.  No cable, no stream, and the majority of the games are on TBS, TNT and truTV, the Turner controlled conglomerate.

As has become the norm, everybody makes money except the student/athletes.

Fortunately, the pirate site First Row Sports is still around so I can watch what I want with a little work.


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