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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

No Gmail, Gmail Bad

I have, or at least thought I had, a gmail account.

When I try to log on the dialogue tells me the email address is already taken.  It won't let me log on because I've been using Yahoo! for my video downloads in recent years.

I've been trying to access a YouTube account I created before Google chomped on the video production site, swallowed it up and screwed everything up royally.

It's too bad, Google has made its "tools" so damned intertwined for the purposes of data mining/marketing that it has fucked itself over.

Not to mention a poor sap like me who simply wants to access my gmail inbox and get into my original video channel in order to delete a few projects I no longer want.

Stupid greedy fucks.  In essence, Google has stolen my "creative" properties for the purpose of attaching bad advertising to them.

Yeah, I'm talking about you, Mountain View. (Google watches this site like a hawk.)

I'd say about half of the new tech across the board is not nearly as good as the old tech.  It's not just that Google has screwed the pooch in order to rip off a few pikers.  Take my grocery store, my neighborhood Safeway. A few months ago it replaced the self check-out machines with sparkling new contraptions that don't work either as efficiently nor as fast as the old ones.

They call it progress, or growth.  I call it a pain in the ass.


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