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The wet-dream of the Repubs is no policing of the economy, no regulations whats-so-ever. Basically a black-market where they are free to exploit people, the environment, sell opium whatever.--Charles Lucas

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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Fat Chance

Clinton’s best hope is to issue some sincere mea culpas and then come out with concrete, specific and comprehensive proposals to change the system, not simply nibble at the corners of the corrupted carcass—and then invite people to hold her accountable. Her entire career has been about obfuscating and equivocating, so this kind of clarity and  candor won’t come easy, but at this point it’s probably necessary if she wants to have a good shot at victory.--JA

She would rather go blind and lose both legs than waver from her hawkishness.

Ideologues seldom repent.  It's cost the GOP their Party and force-fed the rest of us a neocon in a dress--and I'm not talking Condi Rice.


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