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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Reality 101, Or The People Manipulated By Corporate Thieves

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The right wing has made increasing noise about the federal government owning lands, particularly in western states like Nevada and Oregon where the feds own 85% and 53% respectively. The complainers argue that government ownership infringes on American free enterprise based on private property. But federal ownership is radically different than private ownership. The feds own this land mostly because its private ownership would be tremendously unprofitable. In other words, federal ownership is a huge subsidy to private interests making profits from these lands. Federal ownership makes private profit possible. The ranchers at the heart of the Malheur conflict, for instance, lease federal grazing lands for pennies on the dollar.

The far-right militias are unknowingly doing the bidding for corporate America.  Their foolishness lies in their delusions that anything other than another takeover by the suprawealthy would transpire from their actions.

They're on the wrong side and don't even know it.

The Trumps of the world salivate when they see these puppets in boldface.

Divide et impera, as they said in the old world.


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