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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Better Than You Know What

I signed up with a local casting company, Extras Only, a couple of years back and I receive occasional notices for various projects going on in town. Most of these are calls for kids, and diversity is usually the theme.

I got one today for kids, Asians, Blacks, Hispanics.  Wonder what that's about?  The company doesn't reveal much, but I'd guess a commercial.

Commercials are big on kids.  Kids sell stuff, as we all know.  You can attach a kid to just about any product and get results.

If you wanted to sell diapers to old men, you'd write a kid into the script.  Kid might commiserate with the old man's dilemma, his incontinence.  Theme:  You start out in diapers, and that is where you'll likely end if you're unlucky and live too long.

Want to sell a car?  Put a kid in the back seat.  Selling a luxury car to an affluent hipster?  Have kids on the side of the road admiring the car.  You're indoctrinating the next generation, the ultimate in advertising.

Kids are made to sell, sell, sell. And later, buy, buy, buy.

I did receive a notice for a project that was being filmed outside of Portland a few months back.  I fit the profile on that one.  Extras of all ages needed for something.  It was on the coast and the call out mentioned you'd need reliable transport to and from the location.  I don't have a car, nor do I want one (I'd buy a rec vehicle first), so that was out.

I think Extras Only has a list of people that have been doing this for a long time.  It's tough to break in and there's a litany of must-dos before the company puts its faith in you.  Reliability is number one. You must be available at any time.  Turn down a few jobs because of scheduling conflicts, you're likely crossed off.

Without a car, I couldn't respond to the coast job.  EO doesn't want to hear about why you don't sign on.

It's business.  I've been in it, and things can get tense.  I wrote and produced programs for Good Sam Hospital years ago.  The hospital sold its media arm and I went into the restaurant business.  It was around the time instability took over everything.  Reagan was President and the U.S. was beginning its long spiritual decline.

And now here we are.  Here we are.  Time is short and kids are getting all the work.

Upside?  I'm expecting a royalties check next month, which is better than you know what.


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