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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Evening Planned

Should be a good one tonight.

The Pac-12 is balanced and of course somewhat ignored by the pundits back east.  Happens every year unless Arizona or UCLA is riding high.

Tonight's game with USC is in Eugene, and the Trojans just may be the best team in the league this season.  Bill Walton may do the color, probably decked out in his tie-dye.

One game this year he rhapsodized about the Grateful Dead's last shows in Chicago this past summer. Ignored the game essentially, talked about the Dead and himself. Famous, die-hard Deadhead.  Out of UCLA he couldn't talk without a major stutter.

Now he doesn't shut up.  Annoying at times, like Dick Vitale, whom I can't listen to anymore.

I can take some Walton, but if he gets too far out I turn the volume down.

Anyway, I won't miss the game tonight unless the stream fails, which happens on occasion.

Yep, that's my excitement for the evening.


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