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Thursday, April 30, 2015

National Summer of Running

The long, hot U.S. summer is in front of us.

To usher it in we need to run.  We need a national movement steeped in the tradition of political street theater.

We need to run in symbolic unity.  Once a week, preferably every Friday throughout the summer, during your lunch hour if you have one, walk out of your workplace. Walk up to the first policeman you see. (You'll have to find one, but they're everywhere.  Plan ahead a little if you have to, work in small groups.)

Make eye contact, don't speak.  Then run away.  Have your friend shoot the video of you "escaping." If the cop yells at you to stop--stop.  If he chases you down, don't resist. Talk to the officer about why you are running away.  Tell him/her there must be accountability and sanity.

If the officer ignores you, try another.  If he pulls his weapon, get down and stay down. Don't resist.

There are certain risks (street theater can be dangerous, you might get shot for nothing like so many others), but if you haven't done anything you're within your rights to run away.

If you're harmed, you own them.

Send your videos here.  I'll publish them, or create another blog for the occasion.

Word will get around quickly.  Law abiding citizens running away from the police become powerful symbols of unity and an expression of your disgust with police brutality and sanctioned murder.

What else are you gonna do this summer before starting your weekends with a brew?


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