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Monday, February 6, 2017

Seeding Fascism

One thing is already clear: this drastic tilt toward yet more Pentagon spending and away from investment in diplomacy abroad and civilian needs at home will only further militarize American society, accelerate inequality, and distort the country’s already highly questionable foreign policy.  After all, if your military is the only well-funded, well-stocked arm of the government, it’s obvious whom you’re going to turn to in any crisis.--WDH

Successive administrations were given a free pass on the militarization of American society and instituting its attendant surveillance mechanisms.

Amid the corporatist onslaught of global overreach, propagandized and embraced by ruling elites from the edifices of Wall Street to the desktops of the welfare bureaucracy, and every place in between, the seeds were planted long ago.

And people are shocked by what it has wrought?

The disgust I feel curls my flesh.


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