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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Buzzer Beater

The Oregon Ducks thrive or die with the three-point shot, and last night's game with Cal was no exception.

Their habit could cost them a shot at the NCAA title next month, but for now its all lollipops and championship dreams.

Trailing by 10 with 4 min. to play, Oregon hit four straight long balls to snatch a victory out of the Bears' jaws.  To set up the opportunities the Ducks had to play a little defense as well, employing a nasty, trapping, full-court press.

It paid off with a pair of steals, setting up four last-ditch attempts.

Ennis, Boucher and Pritchard each nailed deep shots before Dillon Brooks' game winner with .09 left sent Cal and its fans home in an even deeper funk.

Four chances, and each one critical to Oregon's desperate comeback.

"Bing, bango, bongo, Kaboom!" (Schonley and Dooley)

UCLA must beat Arizona Sat. night in the PAC "game of the season" for Oregon to win the conference regular season title.

And Oregon must win its final two against Stanford and OSU. Fingers crossed.

I've never been much of a UCLA fan until now.


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