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Thursday, December 17, 2015


The (Name a Company) Bowl and 39 others are almost here.

I'll probably watch most of them, even if somewhat passively until the better teams play.

I won't miss the Oregon/TCU Alamo Bowl, that I guarantee you.

Oregon found a QB for next year, grad transfer Dakota Prukop out of Montana State.  Good player, stop-gap to give two or three very talented young guys on Oregon's roster a chance to grow into the job. Oregon's dumbest critics are blaming Helfrich for not developing a roster QB this year, as if the old quarterback himself doesn't know what he's doing.

Christ, the coach found Marcus Mariota when nobody else was interested in the Hawaii native.  The real problem was that when Mariota came on the scene as a redshirt freshman everybody could see how good he was.  Nobody Oregon recruited the next couple of years wanted anything to do with sitting for two or three years behind Mariota.

Kids aren't that patient these days.  The recruits are coming around again, though.  Oregon has two good ones in line for next season to back up Prukop, and the second-ranked '17 product, a kid named Ryan Kelley, who is the highest rated QB to ever pledge to Oregon.

I was pissed all year at the "Fire Helfrich" crowd.  The entitlement and sanctimoniousness of a good portion of the fan base was purely ugly.

Amateur hour ruled in some circles.  Loudly.  Obnoxiously.

Helfrich and Scott Frost did a great job once Vernon Adams recovered from his broken finger.

The team's defense is another issue.  We'll see how that plays out post-bowl.  There could be a change, or perhaps not...


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