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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sports and Militarism

One of my pet peeves, another aspect of popular U.S. culture that I find abhorrent and shallow.  I like sports, but I loathe much that surrounds them.  It has worsened over time, too.  I didn't like the jingoists on the teams I played on in high school and college in my youth; I certainly wouldn't get along with those types these days.

This attitude is coming from a guy who once had the entire PCL's Phoenix Giants (Triple A) bull pen threatening to climb into the bleachers and kill me at old Civic Stadium in Portland during a Beavers game, because the players noticed I wasn't standing for the national anthem pre-game.

Not standing for the anthem was a habit of mine, cultivated as my personal, lonely protest against jingoism and the rule of militarism in American sports and society in general.

The Giants started yelling at me mid-song, which I thought more disrespectful than anything I'd done.



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