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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

God Bless You, Tracfone

I buy Tracfone minutes for my cell.  A wrong number or computer-generated call costs me a minute every time I respond to an unknown incoming ring and immediately hang up.

In this manner, I lose x-number of minutes every month to the unrestricted calls of commercialism, phone surveyors and people who think I'm Uncle Tim.

Despite that, the Tracfone is ideal for me because I'm a shy cell user and don't really like talking over the phone to begin with.

I keep one for unavoidable business and emergencies.

My philosophy is that if a phone call lasts longer than a minute it is largely a waste of time and nothing is being accomplished but the passing of pleasantries, mutual confusion, or bad news.

If for some reason you're talking to a bureaucrat or banker you're being led to slaughter to begin with, so why bother?

I've kept close track over recent months, and even with the unwanted calls that cost me each time I pick up, I've discovered that my monthly phone rate amounts to about $8.  Not bad.

This one small stroke of optimism is all you're getting out of me today.


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