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Friday, March 22, 2013

Bigelow on Corporate Education

Bill Bigelow, a popular educator who taught history in the Portland, Oregon school system for many years, is a prominent advocate of an academic prejudice calling for a "rethinking" of the structural foundation of our schools.

Bill is displeased, as well he should be, with our educational system's approach to teaching a viable history curricula in U.S. high schools. First and foremost, the retired educator is critical of a U.S. educational system that has, er, historically churned out a steady diet of pablum about our nation's role in world geopolitics.

The effects of this long history of shallowness is today everywhere present in American life as the U.S. largely ignores the causes and effects of its recent wars, not to mention its myriad other problems.

Bigelow doesn't stop there while buttressing Howard Zinn's enormously important critique of the rampant self-delusion in the U.S. body-politic.

Rather than bullshit artists like the abysmal Obama and his pathetic foe Romney in the recent election, why can't the U.S. create a ticket comprised of people like Sanders and Bigelow, progressives who truly understand corporatism and greed are cancers eating away at America's fundamental essence?

A neo-progressive party for the ages in other words.


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