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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Cool Chaos, Hot Wars

It is a crushing blow to have your idols defrocked before your eyes. Generally speaking, the best course of action is denial, which can at least forestall having to cope with reality for as long as you can reasonably deny what happened. The neoliberal Clintonistas have done just that in the wake of their heroine’s epic meltdown last fall, when all manner of misdirection was employed to whitewash the neocon hobgoblin Hillary Clinton into some kind of iconic facsimile of humility and virtue, the brave flagbearer for female kind. Anyone familiar with Clinton’s record found themselves retching in alleyways as the pro-Hillary throngs flowed down the streets, chanting and punching the sky with their baleful banners.

The Clintonistas have chiefly attempted to salve their psyches by transmuting their worshipful emotions into a seething animus for Donald Trump, who has always presented as the antichrist to Hillary’s redeemer. The usefulness of Donald Trump is that he provided a perfect cipher into which identity politics neoliberals could pour all of their unbridled fury over the rejection of their political idol. Make America Great Again meant nothing. Much like Barack Obama represented for these same neoliberals a void on to which they could project all of their finest ideals about race, equality, and justice. Change You Can Believe In meant nothing.--JH

An exceptionally good piece at CP dissecting the hypocrisy of it all.

This piece brought me out of the doldrums that have been immobilizing in recent days.  I've been binge-watching the serials Bosch and Mozart in the Jungle at Amazon Prime, and a little baseball.

Last month I had another Netflix free trial and caught the second season of Better Call Saul.

Free trials.  Damn, I love free trials.

I also love being lazy, though I oft feel guilty about it.  Ha...


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