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Thursday, October 15, 2015


And so another football weekend begins...

Looking forward to UCLA v. Stanford tonight. Somebody needs to beat Stanford or they'll walk off with another PAC title eventually, unless...

Unless the dreaded Utes of Utah take them out in Santa Clara, Dec. 5 in the PACCG.

Lots of football left though, including Alabama and A&M in the SEC.

Notre Dame and USC will be interesting for obvious reasons.

Washington will be sky high for Oregon Sat. night, savoring a realistic shot at beating the Ducks for the first time in twelve tries. Washington is favored, so maybe struggling Oregon will play better as the disrespected underdog...

Or, if a guy had a few extra bucks and a yen for live ball, PSU hosts Montana State Sat. at the perfectly reasonable 12:30 hour.  PSU is playing well this season and a nice crowd will likely materialize at Providence Park.

Go Viks!!

Much else, including more baseball is on tap as well...all of it more enticing than televised "debates" or their inane cousins, the television sitcom.


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