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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Savage Art

Boy, am I excited about this...

My copy of Robert Polito's biography of Jim Thompson, Savage Art, came in the mail today. I'd read somewhere that it is a much better book than Michael J. McCauley's take on the esteemed noir novelist's life--Sleep with the Devil--which hasn't been as interesting as I had hoped.

I agree with the critiics.  After reading a few pages into the Polito book I'm a true believer.  His depth of analysis is far superior to McCauley's.  His rendering and voice hooked me from the first paragraph,

Only problem is that the print is so small that I may need to find a magnifying glass to finish the damn thing!

I tried to find Savage Art in the public library here in Portland a couple of weeks ago.  Naturally, because I wanted to read it so badly, I discovered the library doesn't have a copy.

I found my pristine copy at Amazon for four bucks.

Once again I've achieved one of my most important goals in life--to always have an interesting book at hand.

I hope you are as fortunate.


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